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Etiquette in any aspect of life is a way to show respect to the other people involved in the event. Lack of etiquette may not be punishable by law, but it is certainly not socially acceptable. 

Golf etiquette is not just about social acceptance. It is essential for the safety of players and spectators, to keep a brisk pace so that the game is enjoyable and to maintain the quality of the Golf courses. 

Here are a few handy tips on Golf etiquette for newcomers and even the experienced golfer!

Safety Golf Etiquette

Safety of the players and of spectators is vital for any game to become a popular sport. When playing Golf a swinging club or a fast flying ball can cause grievous injury. Hence it is important that one should not swing the club unless the others in the group are at a safe distance. In addition, always steer clear of someone else taking practice swings or getting ready for a shot.

When practicing the swing it is best to swing in the opposite direction from opposing players. Pebbles or twigs can often fly up when practicing swings and damage innocent onlookers.

Hit the ball only once you are sure that the others in the group are out of range. Also, always yell a loud ‘Fore!’ as warning if the ball is headed in the general direction of an individual or group.

Drive the Golf cart with care. Keep the card off the grass as much as possible.

Golf Etiquette For Keeping Up The Pace

Keeping the game brisk is essential to enjoy it. Waiting around twiddling your thumbs for other Golfers to play their shots can become extremely tedious. Be prepared to hit your shot as soon as it is your turn. In tournament matches the general rule is that the player who is away plays first. However, for friendly matches you can adopt a rule of ready play where the player who is ready to play goes first. 

If you loose a ball and are going to spend the entire 5 allotted minutes looking for it, let the group waiting behind you go ahead and play their shots. Also, keep pace with the group ahead of you. If you cannot or prefer to take things easy, let a group behind you step it up and move ahead. Allow them to pass through so you are not holding up ‘traffic’. 

Carry multiple clubs from your cart to the ball so that you don’t waste time going back for another club.

Golf Etiquette To Maintain The Golf Course

Golf carts are the biggest hazard to the quality of Golf courses. However, they are essential to the speed of the game as well. So always keep Golf carts away from the greens and hazards. Observe the cart rules as specified by the course authorities. If there are Golf cart paths – use them! 

Repair all divots and ball marks on the green. Failure to repair divots and ball marks can add weeks to the time it generally takes for the turf to heal itself. 

Always rake sand traps after playing your shot. It is important to erase footprints and damage to the area.

More Golfing Etiquette

Here are some more rules of Golf etiquette that ensure a good game for all. Never talk during another player’s shot. It can disturb his concentration. Making noise and yelling out after a great shot is also not considered good etiquette. While it may not disturb players in your group, there are other groups on the course as well.

Ensure that your shadow does not fall on another player’s putting line. Also ensure that you walk behind a player’s ball or over the putting line. Leaving your footprints on the putting line can alter the path of a ball.

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